Topics and Guests: September 22

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He had the perfect alibi, and even offered theories on Laci’s disappearance. So what made police suspect Scott? Greta has the latest from the Peterson (search) trial and expert insight and analysis from the panel of legal eagles.

A video purportedly showing a British hostage pleading for his life was posted on an Islamic Web site on Wednesday, hours after U.S. officials confirmed that a second American hostage was slain this week.  Greta gets a full report from FOX News foreign affairs analyst, Mansoor Ijaz.

A 12-year-old girl missing from Florida has been found in Georgia with Raymond Lewis (search), the registered sex offender she disappeared with. Greta gets answers from Lewis' mother, Bonnie Marshall.

And the election clock continues to count down, Greta has the latest from the campaign trail.

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