Guests and Topics for July 28

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Here is what's on tap for Wednesday:

You'll get all the day's breaking news, plus we'll be joined by:

• Gen. Wesley Clark, Former Democratic presidential candidate
• Elaine Kamarck, former senior campaign advisor to Al Gore
• Don Baer, former White House communciations director
• Rich Galen, Republican strategist
• Larry Kobilinsky, professor of forensic sciences, John Jay College
• Ron Edwards, Salt Lake City private investigator
• Albert Gaudelli, former homicide prosecutor
• Katrina Vanden Heuval, editor, “The Nation”
• Fred Barnes, co-host, "The Beltway Boys"
• Sen. John Breaux, D-La.
• Rep. Vic Fazio, former Democratic National Convention Committee chairman
• Rep. J.D. Hayworth, R-Ariz.
• Nina Easton, “Boston Globe”
• Don Baer, former White House communications director
• Gen. Merrill Mcpeak, former Air Force Chief of Staff
• Maj. Gen. Tom Mcinerney, retired U.S. Air Force
• Maj. Gen. Burton Moore, former director of Desert Storm Central Command
• Jennifer Dobner, “Deseret Morning News” reporter
• Mayor Richard Daley, mayor of Chicago
• Susan Watters, Washington correspondent, "W" magazine
• Chris Judd, choreographer, actor
• Tony Coelho, former Democratic National Convention Committee chairman
• Amb. Richard Holbrooke, former U.S. ambassador to the U.N.
• Pat McCrory, mayor of Charlotte, N.C.
• Dr. Michael Baden, forensic pathologist
• Greg Skordas, Elizabeth Smart's attorney
• Ed Rogers, republican strategist
• Eleanor Clift, “Newsweek” contributing editor & FNC political analyst
• Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga.
• Jamie Rubin, Kerry campaign senior foreign policy advisor
• Tucker Eskew, Bush/Cheney ‘04 advisor
• Scott O'Grady,
• Bill Kristol, FNC contributor
• Tony Snow, host of FNC Radio’s "Tony Snow Show"
• Ceci Connolly, FNC political analyst
• Mark Vafiades, president of the Hollywood Congress of Republicans

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change.