Attention, Holiday Shoppers!

'Memogate' led all hours on "FOX & Friends" Thursday, as it has for the last 10 days.

There are so many angles to this story its almost impossible to surround the entire issue, but here's what stood out to all three of us: The way Dan Rather (search) seems to be jumping off the ship and leaving none other then network President Andy Heyward onboard.

Rather said he knew how big this story could be in Thursday's New York Times and recounts going to Heyward and saying please review this story on President Bush's Guard service. Let me tell you something, even if that's true, is that the character any leader should be exhibiting? He's saying yeah, I said it, but don't blame me for showing it.

I have to admit I felt like I had to take a shower after spending an entire block on Britney Spears (search) doomed phony marriage. But America seems to be fascinated by her wacky private life that even Paris Hilton might conclude is more then a little out of control. We also had some fun with "Apprentice" star and real life Trump executive, George Ross. He told us behind the scenes that Mark Cuban's criticisms of The Donald are a joke and a futile attempt to get ratings for his show, "The Benefactor."

The best news of the day came from Iraq where our forces killed al-Zarqawi's (search) spiritual advisor. We know that al-Zarqawi is in Iraq and what a boost it would be for all civilized people if he was captured and killed. Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi is doing a Karzai-like job selling his new government and revamped country. Thank goodness he seems to know that no one thanks this country and our troops for their unbelievable sacrifice in freeing his country and he provided that thank you Thursday. Wish we could have gotten them on our show, but they have stiff-armed our program all week and I am not sure why. We called their delegation and really got a frosty reception. That is a big mistake, because we could have given them time and thanks to you a huge audience.

Good news, holiday shoppers! We spent Wednesday morning on our 2005 holiday calendar shoot. It went great. E.D. and Lauren looked stunning. The bad news is Steve and I look the same as last year. My one goal was to avoid the metrosexual shot of me gazing out the window in a peaceful serene sweater. This year our marketing mavens have truly out done themselves with a very creative backdrop. It's true: We have left the diner for good.

I know most of you reading this are fervent fans, so let me tell you what segments are rating high with you the viewer. We just got Tuesday's ratings and we had a great morning. Three guests tied for highest-rated: Rick Warren author of "Purpose Driven Life," Bush/Cheney spokesperson Sean McCormick and Montel Williams.

On a personal note, I had a chance to sit down with Tiger Woods (search) this week and you will see that interview Monday. And my book is coming out October 12 and you can order it on Amazon right now. Be sure to write us with your feedback on the show and more. Thanks you for watching, reading and caring!


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