Topics and Guests: September 21

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Five weeks to go until you go to the polls and make your pick for president of the United States, have you made up your mind or might you be one of those much-coveted undecided voters? Bush's and Kerry's past war records have been under fire during this heated campaign, but which candidate will be the best military leader right now, in this new age of the War on Terror (search)? Greta knows how important this election is and she is making sure to get you the facts, don’t miss this!

And, the search is on in Florida for missing 12-year-old Briana Schultheis (search), Greta will have the latest details.

Plus, what did Scott Peterson (search) tell police that made them suspicious after Laci’s disappearance? Greta has the latest from the Peterson double homicide trial, and analysis and assessment from the legal eagles.

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