Sept. 22, 2004

Field Trip

We broadcast today from the University of Delaware, taking questions from students while mixing in monologues, interviews, and calls from listeners. The purpose of the college tour is to light a fire under students who look at politics as a passing fancy. The biggest surprise: We didn’t get nearly as many dissenting voices as I expected, and some poor kid, thinking himself clever, reeled off a string of puerile insults that had even his friends cringing. We’ll see if the pattern holds next Monday at Rutgers.

How to live like an Airhead.

Paris Hilton has produced a new book, instructing young lovelies about the dos and don’ts of living like an heiress. Hilton, worth a couple hundred million more than Britney Spears herself, is a source of bewilderment to me. I just don’t get it: She seems dim and affectless, self-absorbed and profoundly shallow. Some image consultants see this as a clever ruse to snatch an extended moment of fame. On the other hand, she also may fit into the new class of celebrity: the well-known idiot whose exploits allow others to say to themselves with a certain air of satisfaction, “I’m sure glad I’m not her.”

Bob Ritchie, Come on Down!

The newest hero in the entertainment world is Detroit’s Bob Ritchie, a.k.a. Kid Rock. Kid has picked up where Alice Cooper left off (before Alice backed off his critique of rock stars). Check out these quotes about anti-Bush celebrities, who are raising money for John Kerry rather than performing for American troops overseas: “I do not believe that artists or actors and people should be out there like voicing their full-blown opinions on politics because, let’s face it, at the end of the day, I’m not that smart of a guy. I play rock ‘n’ roll, that’s what I do.  Who would you trust to make your decisions, Donald Rumsfeld or the Dixie Chicks?”

Rock, who has entertained troops in Iraq and sung their praises regularly, says of the troops, “They don’t make the decisions. They get up and go do their job.”

I like this guy.

Website of the Day

A guy in my neighborhood, Dino Panagopoulos, has put together the hottest website in America: The site details John Kerry’s hapless efforts to connect with the average American sports fan. Since the organization is a duly constituted 527 group, FootballFansForTruth (henceforth, FFFT) can engage in political chicanery, such as purchasing a billboard adjacent to Green Bay’s fabled Lambeau Field. You need to check the site for the good stuff, but suffice it to say that FFFT has accomplished what virtually no political organization (with the exception of Dan Rather) has done this year: It has made people laugh.

More Mush from the Ed-heads.

And finally, this: Another tale of educators making life miserable for kids under the guise of “protecting them.” Educators are trying to turn kids into numb little bureaucrats. Fortunately, most kids still would rather work up a sweat than create vapid rulebooks.

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