The United States military prides itself on being apolitical. But that doesn't mean the men and women serving in the Armed Forces are expected to be.

That's why the Pentagon has set up the Voting Assistance Program (search), which is designed to help all military personnel who want to vote this year.

"We do not keep track of party affiliations. We do not keep track of who they voted for. What we do is provide them with the materials. We help them fill them out to register to vote," said Lt. Col. Greg Morgan (search), who is in charge of the program in Iraq.

In every company, one officer is trained to answer questions and guide personnel through the procedures from start to finish. The military's postal system has also been changed to make sure ballots are a top priority.

The military has ordered 160,000 postcard applications and an additional 90,000 write-in ballots to deal with the logistics of a presidential election year. And if that weren't enough, more than 700 voting assistance officers are spread out across Iraq (search) to ensure that the votes of the men and women serving there count just as much as those back home.

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