CBS Memo Message: Rather Late, or Right on Time?

CBS (search) plans to make an announcement Monday that it was misled about National Guard (search) memos that claim President Bush shirked his Vietnam-era military duty — documents that have thrust the news network in an ongoing ethics controversy.

Unidentified CBS officials told The New York Times that CBS executives said they are now beginning to believe the report that first publicized the documents was too flawed to even have gone on the air. The Washington Post also reported the story.

But the officials warned that the network could still pull back from the announcement, the Times reported.

CBS memo message: Rather late, or right on time?

A sample of your responses:

The only reason they would change their stance is they are caught and cannot get out of it. They waited as long as they could. I think they should have Dan Rather personally apologize to President Bush on a prime time news cast. Like that would happen.
Chris B.
Van Wert, OH

Steve hit the nail on the head. CBS has been desperately hoping someone would give these forgeries credibility. The problem with that it, no one believes anything CBS says anymore. They have outright lied to the American people so much and for so long that most Americans are happy to see them beaten down. Thanks for giving this the coverage you have otherwise we may never have heard of it.

CBS waited ten days to admit their information was false, when they should have waited ten days to verify that it was true before running with the story. I say Rather Late!
Donna F.
Ravenna, OH

It was too late 5 minutes after Dan Rather decided to air his own 527 on national TV. Mr. Aphorism needs to strap on his boots, head on out west, grab a muck bucket and clean a few stalls!
Mary B.

Dan Rather was not misled. He was caught misleading. The news consumer is owed an apology for CBS' deception. An arrest for whoever perpetrated the fraud is due to the "people who have the right to know."
R. Adams
Cut Off, LA

If CBS admits the documents are forgeries, THEN that's a crime.  I want to see a criminal investigation.

Way too late, and way too grudgingly...

Good-bye, Dan. You've had a good run!
Michael D.
Irvine, CA

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