The Write Stuff

Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

Not Ready for Prime Time?

Two prominent Republicans — House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Senator Rick Santorum — received a call from the producers of the FOX reality show "The Simple Life" (search).

It seems that the stars — Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie — are trying to get internships on Capitol Hill for the next set of episodes. Hastert and Santorum declined the offer.

Toasting the U.N.

While we've known for some time that Saddam Hussein skimmed billions from the United Nations’ controversial Oil-for-Food (search) program, we're now learning what else he did.

According to a FOX News program called "Breaking Point: U.N. Blood Money," Saddam — under the guise of getting chemicals for humanitarian projects — was actually importing thousands of gallons of scotch for his Republican Guard.

The Write Stuff

And finally, a story we're sure you won't find on any other Sunday show: a shameless plug. I have a new book out called "Character: Profiles in Presidential Courage."

If you're tired of all of the negative campaigning this is a "feel-good" book about our democracy. In moments of national crisis, the book goes behind the scenes to tell you how presidents have ignored the political winds to do what they thought was best for the country.

It’s available in bookstores everywhere.