Sites Unseen: Bridesmaid's Revenge

The World Wide Web can be wacky and wonderful and sometimes just plain weird.

To help you navigate the online universe, check out some of the sites below. Click on the highlighted words to get to the related Web site. (Editor's note: FOX News does not endorse outside sites or content, but presents the information below as a benefit to readers of

Bridesmaid's Revenge

For all the ladies who have had to suffer through a wedding garbed in a ridiculous bridesmaid's dress, is for you. Misery loves company, and you will find a lot of company here.

Choose from humbling categories like bad patterns, out of date and the aptly named "pucker." After looking at some of these pictures, you'll wonder if some of these gals are still pals with those bad-taste brides.

Digital Melting Pot

This Web site would make Conan O'Brien proud.

If you like the "If They Mated" segments on "Late Night," where O'Brien takes pictures of two celebrities and combines them, then you will love Want to know what you and your partner's children will look like? Send this site two pictures and $15 and they'll send you a digital composite picture.

As an added bonus, FaceOfTomorrow also shows you what the future could hold for the human race by morphing together different ethnicities of people from around the world.

The Geographic Olympics

The Olymics in Athens may be over, but the Olympics on the Internet are never over -- the Geography Olympics that is. Click over to and you can help your country compete against the rest of the world by taking an online geography quiz. You have 200 seconds to identify 10 countries on a map.

So far, Austria is in the lead, with its geographers getting 63.99 percent of the questions right. The United States gets an honorable mention with 57.94.

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