Late Night Pictures

Dear Viewers,

Do you wonder what a major news city bureau looks like late on a Friday night when there is no breaking news? (If there is breaking news, everyone gets called in and it is "all hands on deck!" When there is breaking news, the place is like a bee hive.)

Our bureau in Washington, DC is undergoing redesign so we are and have been a construction zone for some time. The construction work is done late at night so as not to interfere with our work to get the news on the air.

I wandered around our bureau late Friday night and snapped some pics for you. Frankly, while it felt a bit like a ghost town, I deliberately took pictures without anyone in them.

Our news desk is always manned and you don't see that from my pictures. You also don't see those manning the bookings deck, the make up room, and the guests in the green room waiting to get on the air.

But here are my late night pics:


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