Asleep at the Switch?

So, CBS and Dan Rather (search) are scheduled to make some type of announcement about the Bush-National Guard “60 Minutes” memos. Most people already think the memos are fake.

It’s odd that Dan Rather, who has made his mark on “60 Minutes” by doing thorough research, would not have been the first one to call for a double check of the veracity of the documents. Then, Mr. Rather told USA Today that while the documents authenticity was being questioned, no one was questioning the "heart" of the story. In fact, virtually everyone in the story questions the "heart" of it:

The person who allegedly wrote the memos is dead. His direct superior says he was not being pressured. The person directly below him says he didn't feel pressure. His wife and son say he never mentioned anything indicating he was being pushed to sugarcoat anything.

Further, the director of operations for the Texas Air National Guard told me there was a shortage of qualified applicants for this specific type of pilot in the Texas Air National Guard, so that Mr. Bush didn't need to jump ahead on a waiting list because there was NO waiting list for this position. He even says the National Guard was advertising for people to fill the position. Finally, he claims that Mr. Bush's superior told him that Mr. Bush volunteered to go to Vietnam, but was turned down because he didn't have enough flying experience. We all wait to hear what CBS has to say.

Britney Spears is married again. I hope it works, but she sure seems to need some guidance. Been there. Learned that.

On to the United Nations (search) — or as I sometimes refer to it: "The League of United Nations" because it risks irrelevance. Where is the U.N. in Sudan? How can Kofi Annan be fixated on — a little late in the game — claiming the U.S. action in Iraq was "illegal," but seemingly gloss over the illegal actions occurring NOW in Sudan as the U.N. watches?

Just my thoughts.


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