Raw Data: Delve Deeper Into Oil-for-Food

To dig deeper into the United Nations' role leading up to the 2003 war with Iraq as well as into the U.N. Oil-for-Food program, check out the material below:

Defense Contract Audit Agency; Sept. 12. 2003 (pdf).

General Accountability Office congressional testimony; April 7, 2004 (pdf).

Sept. 11 Commission Report; 2004 (pdf).

FOX News/Opinion Dynamics polling; 2004.

Paul Conlon book excerpt; from "United Nations Sanctions Management."

U.N. audit of Cotecna; April, 2003 (pdf).

— 'Lid Off Oil-for-Food Scam'; Claudia Rosett writing for FOX Fan Central.

Claudia Rosett congressional testimony; April 21, 2004.

'An Oil-for-Food Connection?'; Claudia Rosett writing in the Weekly Standard.

'Oil-for-Terror?'; Claudia Rosett writing in National Review Online.

'Kojo & Kofi'; Claudia Rosett writing in National Review Online.