Let Kids Go Naked?

In at 5 a.m. Thursday for Ivan (search) hurricane coverage.

And as you know this storm lived up to the billing in terms of strength and damage. Lucky for the people of New Orleans they still have a city to go back to. Mobile Alabama residents also have a reason to feel lucky, not the case in Panama City and Pensacola.

While Lauren, Steve, E.D. and I all knew the Hurricane trumps all other stories it was so tough not going over the latest in Rathergate. Can you believe he said if his famous four memos are a hoax he'd like to be the first one to break the story.

News Flash Dan: when you confirm the hoax of all four memos you'll be the last one clued in. I love the way he marginalizes the uproar by saying this is partisan politics started by people on the Internet.

I know the Washington Post, and LA Times and ABC News have Web addresses, but I don't think they can be labeled as bloggers or right wing extremists found only on the Internet. Do you think Dan can make a stand on the Relian cloning claim or is he still investigating?

We didn't talk about Teresa Heinz Kerry (search) much on the show today but her hurricane comments are rather "unique". After visiting a hurricane center she recommended people focus less on clothing and more on generators and water going on to say maybe the can kids go naked during the storm. Wow, did that catch me by surprise, what about you?

A virtual all female Brain trust produced the show this morning as Matt, Fred and Ron observed the holiday. We knew we were in good hands with Maria, Melissa, Laura,  Cara and Paulina. Joe Kraus was the only male representative on the staff today and I am sure he enjoyed every moment in the minority.

As you may know, we get the ratings the day after the show and I try to let you know what segments were the highest rated. Wednesday it was the 8:00 to 8.15 segment, which essentially featured all three of us talking the news.

I am off Friday but we should be back to our cheery format of politics, weather. Iraq, and Iran's not so secret Nuke program. Be sure to watch !!

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