Being a Fair and Balanced Liberal

Being a liberal MEANS being fair and balanced. On the radio show we like to say "any and all opinion, any and all the time." We encourage callers with all points of view to participate, and probably take more calls than any other radio show in America. Our guests are carefully selected to represent a wide spectrum of opinion. Usually, if we put on a guest who agrees with me, we'll match that guest with someone who has another point of view. I don't think two liberals (or conservatives) sitting around slapping each other on the back makes for compelling radio. Talk shows thrive on conflict, but we strive for friendly conflict.

We're so into labeling these days. Some presume that because I'm a proud liberal I must be doing "a liberal radio show." I put on my liberal suit, my liberal shoes (no leather, right?), don my liberal headphones, and rant my left-wing ravings into my liberal microphone. Armed with my daily fax from the Democratic National Committee, I offer the left-wing talking points of the day. Oh, no, wait a minute! Wrong show! I'm a truthologue, not an ideologue, but, yes, one who stands up for what I believe while offering to share my microphone with those who see the world differently.

Some of my harshest critics are those of my own political persuasion who blast me for not fighting hard enough for "our side." A true liberal is open to all sides and allows himself or herself to finally favor the side that makes the most sense after careful thought and vigorous debate. And true liberalism calls upon us to respect the side upon which we don't fall on any given issue.

Yes, I'm a liberal. On an issue-by-issue basis you'll find that I'm firmly Left-of-center, far Left of center in some cases. But always being fixed in the same sphere for its own sake, regardless of where the truth leads, isn't liberalism, it's totalitarianism. I despise left-wing totalitarianism for it decimates any pretense of fairness on my side of the political spectrum.

Finally, but most significantly, we never lose sight of one of the most important tenets of broadcasting: our job is to entertain. We want you to want to listen, to feel welcome even if you don't always agree with what is being said. Get angry at me, but forgive me my political trespasses, as I forgive you yours, and at the end of the show we'll still be friends. I'm a broadcaster who happens to be liberal, not the other way around. So, my personal and political philosophy dictates that I bring you fairness and balance. I can't help it. It's what a good liberal stands for.