Star Jones to Work Red Carpet at Emmys

Star Jones (search) will get to mix her two favorite things — television and fashion — as host of E! Entertainment's (search) coverage of the red carpet at the Emmy Awards (search).

"This is not a bad little gig," Jones said Tuesday after the cable channel announced she would replace Joan and Melissa Rivers as hostess of the two-hour special.

The mother-daughter duo took their acerbic fashion commentary to TV Guide Channel in July.

"One thing I will not do is try to duplicate Joan, because you never duplicate an original. That's not smart," Jones said. "My biggest challenge is not to be a stupid, gushing fan because I really love most of the people who are nominated and presenting."

That doesn't mean Jones won't have something to say to stars committing fashion faux pas.

"Even if it's something I wouldn't have chosen, I want them to explain why they chose it," she said. "There's no question I would've asked Bjork, `What went into the decision on the swan?'"

Jones, who co-hosts ABC's daytime talk show "The View," will be joined by Robert Verdi, host of E!'s new weekly series "Fashion Police."

The Emmys will air Sunday night on ABC.