Kobe Mulled Paying Accuser for Silence

Kobe Bryant (search) reportedly admitted to cops that he'd take a shot at paying off the teenage hotel worker who accused him of rape.

"I'm in the worst [expletive] situation," Bryant said, according to a sealed statement he made a short time before his arrest, which was obtained by Sports Illustrated magazine.

Then he told the officers he'd see if the then-19-year-old woman, who worked at the spa where he was staying in Colorado, would accept hush money, according to the statement.

The superstar went on to tell cops that another NBA player routinely paid off his sex partners to keep them quiet.

He added that player, who was not identified, had paid up to $1 million to avoid situations like Bryant's.

Bryant told cops he didn't have to pay any such bribes because he "treats a woman with respect. Therefore, they shouldn't say anything," the Sports Illustrated report said, quoting the statement.

The Los Angeles Lakers (search) guard talked about the incident with officers as they questioned him in the hotel's parking lot on the morning of July 2, 2003 — two days after the hotel worker said he raped her.

He talked about how he first denied having sex with her.

But then he admitted "holding her [the worker] around her neck from behind" before detailing the sex acts they engaged in, according to the statement.

He insisted those acts were consensual.

He also reportedly admitted to cheating on his wife even before his Colorado tryst, revealing that he had an affair with "a girl in Virginia named Michelle."

Bryant won a court victory in the rape case earlier this month when the prosecution dropped charges against him after his accuser refused to go through with the case because of the "agony" she'd been put through.

Her troubles included the court's accidental release of her name on a state Web site and the inadvertent release of a confidential report on her sexual history.

Her civil case against Bryant is pending.

But legal experts said they would not be surprised if the two sides reach a financial settlement before it goes to trial.

If it is tried in civil court, there will be no rape-shield law to prevent the 20-year-old woman's sexual history from being used against her.

She could be faced with allegations of sex romps and encounters with dozens of men.