The Foxlight: Star Jones, Winona, Jessica, Ruben, 'Shark Tale'

The "View" from the red carpet, Winona still shopping, another Nick and Jessica variety show, gospel's "Idol" and Italian-Americans don't like "Shark Tale" in today's Foxlight.

Star Jones (search) will replace Joan and Melissa Rivers on the red carpet as E! channel covers the Emmys this year. Will she wear Payless shoes? Joan and Melissa now work for the TV Guide Channel, and they don't have the rights to do a red-carpet show. Can we talk? Not this year, but look out at the Golden Globes and the Oscars next year, when dueling live shows will call each other out on the carpet.

One of the stars visiting fashion shows this week in New York? Check the racks when it's over, we need a dress count. Winona Ryder (search) is in the house.

Yes, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson (search) confirm they will film another variety special in a few weeks that will run at Christmas. But please, no one tell her there's no Santa Claus.

Does Ruben Studdard's (search) new album have a prayer? Yes. In fact, probably several. He's going gospel. Or, as they call it in the biz these days, "contemporary inspirational." It's due November 2, but doesn't have a title yet. How about "Who Ate All the Communion Wafers?"

Finally, Italian-Americans are mad again because this time, gangsters in the film "Shark Tale" (search) are portrayed as -- yes -- sharks.