After weeks of John Kerry's military record being dogged by a group known as the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (search), President Bush's National Guard record is now under assault by a group calling itself Texans for Truth (search).

The group is a branch of DriveDemocracy, an Austin-based organization that has received seed money from the liberal-leaning anti-Bush group, (search).

Launched in April, DriveDemocracy is run in part by Glenn Smith, who helped manage MoveOn’s Defending Democracy campaign and the failed 2002 Texas gubernatorial campaign of Democrat Tony Sanchez.

The group this week is releasing an ad in which a former lieutenant in the Alabama Air National Guard says neither he nor his friends saw Bush when he supposedly was with their unit in 1972. The president served as a pilot with the Texas Air National Guard and sought a transfer in 1972 to work on a political campaign.

Ret. Lt. Colonel Robert Mintz, who served in the 87th Tactical Squadron of the Alabama Air National Guard, is featured in the ad, which is titled, "AWOL."

"I heard George Bush get up and say 'I served in the 187th Air National Guard in Montgomery, Ala.' I said, 'Really? That was my unit and I don't remember seeing you there.'" Mintz says in the ad. "So I called friends, you know, 'did you know that George served in our unit?' And everyone said, 'No, I never saw him there.'"

Record Rift: Worthwhile or Worthless?

The entire question of who did what during Vietnam is pointless and annoying.  I’m 31 years old and don’t remember the war.  I don’t care about what Bush or Kerry were doing during the early 70s.  I don’t care whose records say what.  They both could have been training monkeys at a zoo in Guam for all I care.  I want to know who is going to protect me and my family from terrorists right now, not what they were doing before I was born.
Erik J.
Grants Pass, OR

It's worthwhile.  What issue could possibly take precedence over personal honor, integrity and character?  We decide who's qualified by answering this one question.
Veronica K.
North Haven, CT

I believe both sides should drop the topic of military service, especially Democrats, since former President Bill Clinton did not serve at all and it was proven that he avoided the draft. 
Little Rock, AR

This new National Guard stuff doesn't matter.   President Bush has admitted on more than one occasion that he made a lot of mistakes in his younger years -- that he was somewhat wild and drank too much.  Not many people didn't do stuff they regret when they were that young.   President Bush has proven himself, first as Texas Governor and, certainly, in my mind as our President.
Ocean View, DE

Who cares?  It is over. The focus should be on Sen. Kerry's 20-year record in the Senate and President Bush's record while he has been in office as President of the United States of America.  Who wins?  The president, of course.                                                                          Darlene N.
Tucson, AZ

When Bill Clinton was running for office, military service wasn't important -- all of a sudden it is.  And if it is so important to John Kerry, why didn't he vote for the money to support the troops? 
Berea, OH

The latest attack by the Democrats on record of service of President George W. Bush will most likely back fire on them.  They began the attacks in the early days of the campaign and it came to a dead end.  And I think that the American people will see this latest attack for what it is a last ditched effort to reduce the effect of the Swift Boat ads.
Norfolk, VA

Again Kerry demonstrates his inability to be a leader as he continues the worthless search for "records of mass destruction" on George Bush. John, spend your time talking about the issues that matter
Paul H.
Concinnati, OH

Both of their service records are worthless. The records do reflect each mans character though.
Lake Martin, Ala.

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