Images Show Madrid Train Blasts

For the first time since the Madrid train bombings (search), blurred images taken by closed-circuit television were published Tuesday, showing three explosions and people fleeing in panic during the first seconds of the deadly March 11 attack.

Spain's leading El Pais newspaper and a Spanish-language TV news network showed six consecutive frozen images taken over an interval of 13 seconds at the Atocha train station (search).

The first displays a group of passengers on a platform or taking the escalator while beginning to observe white smoke close to the train.

The most startlide of the blast at the station, which was hit hardest by the terrorist attacks that killed 191 people and wounded more than 2,000.

The Interior Ministry declined to comment on the photographs or how the media outlets acquired them. They are part of the judicial investigation into the attacks, which currently is being held in secrecy.

On March 11, 10 nearly simultaneous bombs exploded on crowded commuter trains in the Spanish capital. The attacks were blamed on militants linked to Al Qaeda (search).

Authorities have detained 67 people so far, of whom 17 remain in custody on preliminary charges of terrorism or mass murder. Witnesses have placed a few of those suspects, mostly Moroccans, aboard the targeted trains.