Gen. Clark: Little Chance for Kerry Job

Retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark, who sought the Democratic nomination for president, said Monday that he sees no role for himself in government if former rival John Kerry is elected president.

"I don't see any position for myself in such an administration," the former NATO supreme allied commander said at a news conference. He was questioned about why he repeatedly referred to "we" when describing how a Kerry administration would conduct the wars in Iraq and against terrorism.

"If I said we, it's because I very strongly support the goal of getting John Kerry and John Edwards elected," Clark said. "I'm not even considering (a Cabinet-level position). I'm in the private sector right now. I like it. That's my job, and I'm, in addition, trying to get them elected."

With impeccable military credentials and poll numbers suggesting he could defeat President Bush, Clark, a political neophyte, launched his late-starting campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in September 2003. He dropped out five months later after campaign missteps and weak showings in primary races.

At the news conference, Clark assailed the Bush administration's foreign and domestic policies before Vice President Dick Cheney's visit Tuesday to Blytheville. Clark said a Kerry administration would rebuild damaged U.S. alliances abroad, weaving a strong international environment for fighting a worldwide war against terrorism.