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CBS News reveals documents that seem to raise doubts about whether President Bush dodged his responsibilities decades ago in the National Guard (search). But are the memos authentic, or cleverly crafted forgeries? And how will the issue play on the campaign trail? FOX News Correspondent Major Garrett reports.

Riding a wave of momentum since his convention speech, President Bush launches an all day bus tour in the battleground states (search) of West Virginia and Ohio -- where he unleashed a blistering attack on his opponent, Sen. John Kerry. FOX News White House correspondent Wendell Goler reports.

Meanwhile, Kerry takes aim at Vice President Dick Cheney and comments made earlier this week suggesting the wrong choice in November could lead to another terrorist attack. FOX News chief political correspondent Carl Cameron reports.

John Kerry linked U.S. assault weapon sales to worries about terrorism Friday and said President Bush was bowing to the National Rifle Association by not pushing to keep alive an expiring ban. FOX News correspondent Mike Emanuel reports.

Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma are among 12 states with November ballot initiatives that would constitutionally define marriage as a union between a man and a woman only. FOX News correspondent Phil Keating reports.

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