Phila. Inquirer the Next Reality TV Star?

A film company has prepared a demo for a reality TV series that would take viewers behind the scenes of The Philadelphia Inquirer (search).

Blue Chip Films (search), based in Norwalk, Conn., is now trying to find a network to air "Deadline (at) The Philadelphia Inquirer."

"I always loved that movie 'The Paper' (search) with Michael Keaton, and it occurred to me, why was that such a great idea as a feature film, but nobody's done anything on TV about it," Blue Chip president Nick Verbitsky said last week.

During the summer, Verbitsky's crew went out with city desk reporters on a day when three bodies were found in the city. He said he anticipates following reporters and photographers covering all types of news and sports events.

But until Blue Chip finds a buyer for the show, any talk of how the show might develop is premature, said Mary Flannery, the Inquirer's senior editor for newsroom initiatives.

"We think this is a really fine idea," Flannery said, "but we're not really sure anybody else is going to think that."