On the Attack

Monday, the Democratic National Committee (search) announced it is launching a nationwide campaign attacking George W. Bush about his National Guard (search) duty, accusing him of lying about it. The campaign is called "Operation Fortunate Son.” It will include events in battleground states, featuring people who have served in the Guard.

The DNC plans to raise questions about fliers passed out to voters during Bush's 1978 congressional campaign in Texas — Bush lost that race. The fliers reportedly say Bush served in the Air Force and the Air National Guard. The DNC points out that Air National Guardsmen are not counted as members of the active-duty Air Force — thereby suggesting that these fliers lied about Bush's military service.

An unnamed DNC spokesman told FOX News that, "This is an issue we intend to pursue aggressively, because it's working."

I'm curious: Does this story appeal to you? As a voter, is this something you want to hear about before casting your vote for president?

I'm asking because I'm wondering what the DNC thinks it can achieve with "Operation Fortunate Son.” If it's something voters really want to hear about, maybe the DNC is correct that "it's working." If voters aren't interested, the DNC may be either wasting its time — or worse, alienating swing voters.

Let me know what you think. The address, as always is: dayside@foxnews.com


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