Kansas Town Remembers Fallen Hero

The small town of Anthony, Kan. had almost nothing in common with New York City — until the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001.

“Here in Kansas we didn't go through the physical attack but we went through the emotions, every bit of those emotions that day,” said the town’s mayor, John Schott.

memorial is being erected in Anthony’s town park by volunteers who are seeing hard times themselves, due to the economy. The memorial is a tribute, which started when the community took up a collection for the family of a Bronx firefighter they never knew named Joseph P. Spor (search), who died in the terrorist attacks.

“We initially got a donation that the town sent the family. They were looking not to send it to a big fund but something personal that they could see up close,” said Lieutenant Joe Huber, a firefighter who had worked alongside the fallen hero.

Spor left behind his wife and four children who were in need of assistance after the attacks, and the small Kansas town committed to helping the family.

But Anthony’s citizens didn’t stop after adopting the family. They adopted his firehouse too.

”We started getting cards, cookies, candy, photo albums,” said Huber. “Sometimes the only good things that happened for us during that time was the packages that we were getting….Anthony, for me, for this group here, was our support group. They were people that had taken interest in us and kind of held us up while we were trying to get through certainly what was the most difficult time in our life.”

On Saturday, the third anniversary of the attacks, two of Spor’s sisters and five of his crewmates from the Bronx will visit Anthony, Kan. (search), to witness what will be an emotional dedication of the new memorial, which includes wreckage from the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and Flight 93.

It will be a reminder of the day when America fell apart and then came together.

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