The Foxlight: Monica Lewinsky's 'Smear'; Tommy Lee's Sex; Janet Jackson Films

Monica Lewinsky's penchant for staining clothes, Tommy Lee's sex-filled tell-all and Janet Jackson's, er, movie career are all in today's Foxlight.

First, can't we all just get along with Monica Lewinsky?

The New York Post says the world's most famous Gap dress model couldn't wait for her diet ice cream the other day and cut the line. One plucky weight watcher in line took her picture and said she shouldn't get special treatment.

So what did Monica do? She smeared the girl's shirt with ice cream. And admitted it later to the paper. Wherever she goes, stained clothes are sure to follow.

Here's good advice for the kids: Tommy Lee talks about his sex life in a new book, and it sounds like he could use crowd control — and a little decorum.

"I have been with two chicks many, many times, and it isn't all it's cracked up to be," he writes. He gets a lot more graphic, but I'll spare you the details. The book is called "Tommyland," but let's hope it doesn't inspire a theme park.

Finally, Janet Jackson supposedly is telling friends she wants to concentrate on her movie career again, according to one gossip columnist.

"Again"? Yes, we've all been clamoring for her comeback after that magical turn in "Nutty Professor 2: Return Of The Klumps." You go, girl.