Controversy Continues

I’m back from watching Hurricane Ivan (search) up close as it passed by Le Sport in St. Lucia where Mr. Hill and I were trying to work off some extra weight. Luckily, it veered west 12 hours before it was scheduled to hit us and we only experienced the high winds and driving rain. We continue tracking it on “FOX & Friends” as it is changing course constantly. We'll keep updating you on its directions and preparations you'll need to take.

I came back to the Texas Air National Guard (search) controversy. We had the director of operations of the Texas Air National Guard during the exact time that President Bush was there. He told us the person who allegedly was applying the "pressure" to give Bush special treatment had left the Guard 18 months prior to the date of the letter. He told us the typewriter that allegedly was used to type the letter was an expensive one that was not used in the offices at the Texas Air National Guard. In fact, he complained about the aged equipment they were forced to work with. One of the people who apparently concurred with the information that CBS told him about now says that since seeing it in person he thinks it is a forgery. This controversy will continue. In the meantime, what about jobs, education, foreign affairs?

On a personal note, I had the fortune to attend a benefit for the China Care Foundation — a GREAT CAUSE — and meet Sheryl Crow: teeny, tiny little thing with incredible pipes. She sounded fantastic! Sweet as could be too!

Tuesday’s show will be great: We have Mike Ditka, the top tennis coach in the country, the White House chef and more!

E.D. Hill

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