Fall Beauty Makes Autumn-atic Transition

Beauty trends tend to change from season to season, but some trends have held on for a bit too long -- as in, anything glossy, glowy and sparkly.

This fall, beauty goes back to the glamour of the '30s and '40s (so long, '80s hair!) with a contemporary twist. Here's everything you need to know to stay in step with the new season.

OUT: Sheer pink lips

IN: Red, red, red

The look is full-on Hollywood glamour. "Red lips are hot again, thanks to the return of glamour on the runways," says celebrity makeup artist Sue Devitt.

These red hues go across the board, from dark wines to orangey reds, says Joanna Schlip, celebrity makeup artist with Cloutier. Lipstick tones are also deeper, as opposed to the glosses that were previously in style.

TRY IT: Armani Matte Silk Lipstick #8, ($23 at Saks Fifth Avenue); Stila in Amber ($16.50 at stilacosmetics.com); and Lorac Cream Lipstick in Sexy ($17.50 at Sephora).

OUT: Highlights

IN: Rich, warm tones

This season is all about warming up those colors, says Carolyn DePalma, senior colorist at Frederic Fekkai in NYC. You'll see brunettes wanting chestnut hair -- not highlights -- and bleached-out summer blondes will go for a bit of red to warm up their color, making it richer.

TRY IT: Get the look at home with one of Garnier Nutrisse's 32 shades at local drugstores for $7.29.

OUT: That J-Lo glow

IN: Matte skin

It's time to ditch the sparkle and glimmer, and make skin porcelain and flawless again: "None of that drippy hyper-shine look," insists Schlip, "the J-Lo days are over!" Celeb makeup artist Debra Macki says oily skin is a challenge to keep matte, so she suggests trying an oil-free liquid foundation. If you've got dry skin, you're in luck. "If your skin is dry, then it appears matte naturally."

TRY IT: Prescriptives Virtual Matte Oil-Control Makeup is the perfect foundation for this look (available at prescriptives.com and Prescriptives counters nationwide; $32.50).

OUT: Pricey derm treatments

IN: Do-it-at-home skin savers

"American women are an educated group in terms of what they want, and what they want is to keep their skin healthy and youthful," says Dr. Lydia Evans, a dermatologist in New York City. "But they don't always have the time, the access, or the funds, to visit the dermatologist for treatments."

Fall is the time to re-hydrate your skin from all the sun exposure of summer; sunscreen clogs pores in a big way. Try microdermabrasion, which removes dead skin cells while cleaning out clogged pores. It can cost between $100 to $250, and is usually done in a series, says Evans. More sophisticated and safer products are being developed for at-home use now.

TRY IT: L'Oreal's ReFinish Microdermabrasion Kit ($24.99 at chain drugstores).

OUT: Light, bright eye shades

IN: Smokey metallic eyes

Metallics are hot for fall, and the focus is on the eyes, says Devitt. "Smokey eyes are the way to go, but put the blacks and grays on hold for the season and use warm, rich, metallic shades of bronze, copper or gold instead."

Devitt's Advice: Use the metallic shade as a base, and kick it up with a shimmering copper eye pencil, which flatters every eye tone.

TRY IT: Try Shiseido Accentuating Color Goldburst eye shadow ($20 at sca.shiseido.com) and Clinique Touch Tint for Eyes in Sable Shimmer ($13.50 at Clinique counters).

OUT: Straight, polished, sleek hair

IN: The perm

No kidding! "People are scared of the word perm, because they picture the ones of the 1980's. What we're doing now is much more loose and natural looking," says Dawn Ramsay-Hiller at NYC's Cutler Salon. Think Gisele, not Mike Brady. "With larger rollers being used now, it's good for someone who needs some bend in their hair," says Fekkai's DePalma.

TRY IT: Cuter Salon's Permanent Re-texturizing, which starts at $150. Their new Redken solutions only need to stay on the head for 15 minutes. Once removed, hair looks naturally wavy, not obvious and over-the-top.