JFK: Case Not Closed  Exclusive Extras

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In conjunction with the Fox News Channel breakthrough investigation, FOX Fan Central brings you these exclusive extended interviews and a candid discussion with the producers. Whether you are a dedicated conspiracy buff, skeptic, or JFK newbie, you'll want to check these out!




The Lee She Knew
Ruth Paine, who took the Oswald family into her home, reflects on the alleged assassin's behavior.
Oswald Silenced
Handcuffed to Lee at the time of his murder, retired Dallas detective Jim Leavelle returns to the scene of the crime.
Two Eyewitnesses
Bill and Gayle Newman recall in graphic detail what they saw that day in Dealey Plaza. Warning: not for all audiences.
Official Reenactment
Watch an edited version of the film made by the Secret Service in 1964. 
Dealey Plaza
Get a bird's-eye view of the scene with an interactive map and pictures from then and now.
The Players
FNC spoke with many experts and witnesses in our investigation. Check out our "who's who" interactive for more info.
Behind The Scenes
Get insight from the producers of JFK: Case Not Closed. Find out details about the FNC investigation.