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Would you know what to do if you found yourself in the middle of a terrorist attack? In the week-long series "How to Save Your Life," FOX News Channel brought on a series of experts to get tips on how you should respond if the unthinkable happens.





Part 1: Dirty Bombs
Are our first-responders equipped with the essentials? Dr. James Carafano lists America's must-needed reforms.

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Part 2: Airline Hijacking
Terrorists take over your flight. What do you do? Former El Al Security Chief Isaac Yeffet offers some basic tips.

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Part 3: Homicide Bombing
Former Detective Sergeant Peter Caram tells you what you need to know, and answers your questions.

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Part 4: Bio or Chemical Attack
How will you know whether to evacuate or stay inside? Dr. Lynn Davis addresses your concerns.

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Part 5: Terror Roundtable
How vulnerable are we? The experts weigh in.