Breaking Point: The Terrorists Next Door

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America's borders with Mexico and Canada in combination with toothless immigration laws are ingredients for another terrorist attack.  Linda Vester sits down with local law enforcement, public officials, and victims of the killers crossing our borders.




A Shocking Investigation
"Some of the things you learn in "Breaking Point" may make you mad, but it's information you should have."
A Letter From Kris Eggle's Mom
"We will continue to pursue this mission in Kris' memory because he would want us to do something to help others."

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A Letter from Peter Gadiel
The Director of 9/11 Families for a Secure America offers ways you can help.

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A Letter from Rep. Tom Tancredo
"We are not talking about a new bridge in someone's district or a bigger subsidy for some favored voting bloc. We are talking about the survival of the Republic."