Assignment: Danger — Report Archive

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When these reports first aired, you turned up the volume on your T.V., and watched in amazement. Now, here, is a collection of momentous reports courtesy of FNC's fearless foreign correspondents:

Ollie Reports on Chopper Crash
For a minute there, Ollie thought his producer was in the chopper that went down.
Greg Palkot in Saddam's Hole
Go underground where the former Iraqi dictator was hiding, near a farm outside Tikrit.
Mike Tobin
Go on an air assault conducted by members of Bravo company.
Geraldo's Convoy Ambushed 
Bullets spray one of FNC's jeeps and injures Geraldo's cameraman.
Jennifer Griffin Dodges Bullets in Gaza 
As tempers flare between Palestinians and Israelis, Jennifer Griffin gets right into the thick of things.
Somalia Madness 
Geraldo and his team run towards the gunfire to get their report.
On the Run in the Congo 
Steve Harrigan and his cameraman navigate a crazy atmosphere of gunfire and laughter.