Topics and Guests, September 9

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GUEST PREVIEW: Did President Bush (search) fail to meet standards for the Air National Guard (search) and receive preferential treatment years before he was elected to the White House?

We’ll examine what newly released memos reveal about the commander-in-chief’s record during the Vietnam War and get answers from Byron York, White House correspondent, for The National Review.

Plus, we’ll break down the latest FOX News/Opinion Dynamics poll.

Jim Angle reports: Battlefields of many years ago are staging a war in this year’s presidential campaign, we’ll have the sparks to prove it.

Bret Baier reports: Should an independent commission investigate Abu Ghraib (search) prisoner abuse scandal? We’ll have details about what a group of retired Pentagon brass is calling on Bush to do to get to the bottom of this situation once and for all.

Teri Schultz reports: Genocide in Sudan? Sec. of State Powell (search) says militias have committed widespread atrocities in Darfur region. We’ll have the latest on the alarming situation.

Carl Cameron reports: Will Bush’s bounce stick? A new FOX poll shows where the candidates stand at the moment, don’t miss this!

James Rosen reports: Which presidential pick will mean good things for your wallet? A look at both presidential candidates’ past stances on taxing, find out what it all means.

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