Topics and Guests for September 9

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Hurricane Ivan (search) is a deadly Category 5 storm and, having ravaged Grenada, it’s barreling toward Jamaica. Is Ivan a threat to oil production in the Gulf of Mexico? We’ll get a read from Phil Flynn of Alaron Trading.

Plus, Robert Nardell, CEO of Home Depot (search), explains how his company is dealing with increased demand due to Hurricanes Charley, Frances and Ivan.

And, how is this busy hurricane season impacting the national economy? We’ll be joined by Treasury Secretary John Snow.

FCC Chairman Colin Powell joins Neil to discuss his future at the Federal Communications Commission.

Why is the funding of terrorism so difficult to stop? Neil hosts a roundtable discussion with FOX News military analysts retired U.S. Army Gen. Paul Vallely, retired U.S. Air Force Gen. Tom McInerney and author Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld.

Is political correctness compromising homeland security? We’ll get insight from Michael Smerconish, author of "Flying Blind."

And, we’ll take the market’s temperature with Ted Weisberg of Seaport Securities and Meredith Whitney, FOX Business News contributor.

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