Timeline: Bush's Air National Guard Service

Major events in President Bush's Vietnam-era military service with the Air National Guard:

—Jan. 19, 1968: Bush completes Air Force officer qualifications test in New Haven, Conn., while attending Yale University.

—May 27, 1968: Walter B. Staudt, commander of the Texas National Guard, interviews Bush and recommends he be accepted for pilot training. Bush's application for enlistment in the Guard is approved.

—June 1968: Bush receives bachelor of arts degree from Yale.

—July 12, 1968: A three-member Federal Recognition Examining Board reports Bush is qualified for promotion to 2nd lieutenant in the 111th Fighter Interceptor Squadron.

—July 14, 1968: Bush attends basic military training in San Antonio.

—Aug. 25, 1968: Bush completes basic military training.

—Nov. 26, 1968-Dec. 2, 1969: Bush attends undergraduate pilot training with the 3559th Student Squadron, Moody Air Force Base, Ga. He is trained to fly standard Air Force aircraft, including the T-31, T-37, and T-39.

—Dec. 29, 1969-Jan. 20, 1970: Bush is trainee with 111th Squadron, Ellington Air Force Base, near Houston.

—Jan. 11, 1970: Bush is assigned flying duty as a pilot of F-102 fighter interceptors, 111th Squadron at Ellington.

—Aug. 24, 1970: Three-member board recommends 2nd Lt. Bush for promotion to first lieutenant. Bush later receives the promotion.

—1971: Bush participates in drills and alerts at Ellington, begins work for Houston-based agricultural company.

—May 4, 1972: Memo to Bush from Lt. Col. Jerry Killian, Bush's squadron commander, orders him to report no later than May 14 for annual physical examination.

—May 19, 1972: Unsigned memo from Killian recounts phone call from Bush regarding "how Bush can get out of coming to drill from now through November. ... Says he wants to transfer to Alabama to any unit he can get in to." Call includes discussion about "getting his flight physical situation fixed ... Says he will do that in Alabama if he stays in a flight status" but that he "may not have the time." Memo says Bush must get written acceptance before he can be transferred, but speculates that Bush is "also talking to someone upstairs."

—Aug. 1, 1972: Memo from Killian states Bush is ordered suspended from flight status "due to failure to perform to USAF/TexANG standards and failure to meet annual physical examination (flight) as ordered. ... Officer has made no attempt to meet his training certification or flight physical." Killian requests formal inquiry into the suspension.

—Sept. 6, 1972: Bush's request for a three-month transfer to 187th TAC Recon Group, Montgomery, Ala., is approved so he can work as political director for the Senate campaign of Winton M. Blount, a friend of his father.

—November 1972: Bush returns to his unit at Ellington in Texas.

—May-July 1973: Bush participates in non-flying drills at Ellington; works at inner-city poverty program earlier in the year.

—Aug. 18, 1973: Unsigned memo from Killian entitled "CYA," states that Staudt is "pushing to sugar coat" Bush's officer evaluation. Memo also states: "I'm having trouble running interference and doing my job." Adds that "Bush wasn't here during rating period and I don't have any feedback from 187th in Alabama. I will not rate."

—Sept. 18, 1973: Bush receives permission to transfer to reserve status and is placed on inactive guard duty about six months before six-year commitment ends; attends Harvard Business School in the fall.

—Oct. 1, 1973: Bush receives honorable discharge.