Quick Change

Dear Viewers,

Everything seemed in order Thursday night as we prepared to go on air... until about three minutes before the show started. It seems like "behind the scenes" is never dull... to put it gently.

Seconds before we took the toss from “Hannity & Colmes,” my New York line producer alerted me to the fact that we might not have a guest we expected in the first segment: Joe Bastardi, the chief hurricane forecaster and with Accuweather.com. She told me that she would let me know "in my ear" during the first guest who was Ambassador Marc Ginsberg. The plan was to go directly from the Ambassador to Joe Bastardi. During the interview with Ambassador Ginsberg I thus had no idea who my next guest would be... as always, I just hoped it would all work out. Upon the conclusion of my interview with the Ambassador, I looked up and read the introduction for my next guest and it was not Joe Bastardi, but instead a woman helping with hurricane relief in Florida. At the first commercial break I asked, "What happened to Joe Bastardi?" I was told there were satellite problems. If you are a loyal viewer and stayed until the end of the show -- I hope you did -- you would have heard Joe on the phone reporting about Hurricane Ivan. We still had satellite problems, but not phone problems. We wanted to report the latest and we had pictures (video) to put up for you to see so we did a "phoner."

The green room was a "happening" place last night. It always is when “Hannity & Colmes” have lots of DC guests. If their guests are not D.C. guests, the green room before our show can be like a ghost town. I snapped two pics of two of their guests last night: Mo Rocca (search) (he has a new book) and Laura Ingraham (search). Check out the pics on this blog. Earlier I took one of Tony Snow (mostly to tease him.)

Friday night you must watch: We have a guest host since I will be "on the road." I am making a quick trip to Portland, Oregon (I am leaving late Friday afternoon and will be back midnight Saturday.) I am headed to a conference in Portland. I had hoped to do the show Friday and do viewer e-mail on the Peterson case, but my scheduled got turned upside down at the last moment. I will try and answer the e-mail on Monday on the show, or just sit down at my keyboard and do it individually (which I spend lots of time doing each day anyway.)


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