Fall Books, Music: Nostalgia, Politics

In book and record stores this fall, a new stone is really rolling, some answers are blowin' in the wind, family politics take center stage and another family keeps pulling us back in.

First off, Tom Cruise's favorite young singer Joss Stone has a new album out at the end of the month called "Mind, Body & Soul." The beauty's last album is still on the charts. And P.S., she doesn't turn 18 until next April.

In October, Fatboy Slim cranks and croons a remake of Steve Miller Band's "The Joker" on his new album "Palookaville."

Also in October, Bob Dylan doesn't have a new album, just grist for the world's longest liner notes. It's a book he wrote called "Bob Dylan's Chronicles: Volume One."

And also in stores, the book John Kerry hopes everyone will read. It's "The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty." The always catty Kitty Kelley gives us yet another unauthorized biography. This time she does for the Bush family what she's done for Sinatra, Jackie O. and the British royals. Don't expect a White House Christmas card, Kitty.

Finally, the family saga all parties can agree on — the Corleones. Mark Winegardner actually won a contest to write "The Godfather Returns." Will Coppola return to turn it into a movie? The likely answer? Fugeddaboudit.