Hi, blogger enthusiasts!

Friday’s show was all about forgeries and hurricanes — both stories seem unreal.

Dan Rather (search) and company get memos from a dead colonel who rips President Bush’s service, only to later learn that the memos used may not be authentic. Did you notice that CBS keeps trumpeting their story as if they caught the president in a Watergate-sized scandal, without mentioning that the deceased colonel's wife and son say he didn't write them, couldn't type and didn't have anything but praise for the young George W. Bush?

Now forgery experts say the typeface and spacing are more then likely from a Windows program not available in 1971. Oops! Now lets see where this goes. I wonder if Terry McCauliffe and Sen. Tom Harkin will offer an apology for calling the president a liar. I doubt it.

Juliet did a great job Friday — as did Kiran on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday — filling in for E.D. We had a mix of terror guests, 9/11 families, weather hits and political experts. But the big story is cameraman Chris Chulo blew up at Steve for exposing him squatting down shooting our crowd in the rear of the studio. Next thing you know, we’re showing baby pictures and a futuristic shot of Juliet's child not yet conceived.

This week’s ratings have been sensational. New feature on the blog: Highest Rated Segment. Right now we just have Wednesday in and the highest number was produced at 8.15 a.m. and the guests were Tony Blankley and Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla.

Good luck, Florida with “Ivan the Terrible.” We'll be on at 5 a.m. with all the coverage. See ya Monday!


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