War of Words

Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

War of Words

George Soros (search), the billionaire supporter of Democratic Party causes, is angry over comments that Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert made last week here on “FOX News Sunday.”

Hastert said he didn't know where Soros gets his money to back 527 groups that put on anti-Bush ads. Hastert said, "I don't know if it comes overseas, or from drug groups."

Well, Soros sent a blistering letter to Speaker Hastert, saying his comments were dishonest smear tactics. Hastert wrote back that he was referring to groups that want to decriminalize illegal drug use. The problem is that Soros gives money to those groups, he doesn't get money from them.

Check the Facts

The New York Times did a comprehensive fact check story on Friday that compared the president's convention acceptance speech to the record.

But when we checked out if The Times did the same kind of story after Sen. Kerry's acceptance speech in Boston, we couldn't find one.

Face Time

You wouldn't expect a great reception for a Democratic congressman at a Republican convention. But Rep. Charlie Rangel (search) wasn't thrilled with one persistent problem he had last week.

According to Rangel, the few people who asked him for an autograph consistently mistook him for Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or Don King.