The Foxlight: New on DVD

"The Punisher," "Resident Evil," "Soul Plane" and "Bad Boys II" are new on DVD in today's Foxlight.

Thomas Jane and John Travolta star in the aptly named "The Punisher." (search) The best revenge at the box office was a quick death, and new on DVD this week, it doesn't fare much better. Travolta is always fun as a bad guy, but even he can't keep this from being just plain punishment.

"Resident Evil" (search) is out on DVD just in time to set up a new one coming to the big screen. But according to a Cincinnati paper, this thing is "so bad it can't even steal effectively from good movies that came before." This is one piece of resident mail you can return to sender.

Then there's the only semi-amusing misfire "Soul Plane." (search) Essentially a black version of "Airplane" that should have been a slam dunk, Snoop Dogg just doesn't have enough shizzle. And Tom Arnold co-starring is always a warning flare.

Finally, whatcha gonna do? How about skipping "Bad Boys II?" (search) Critics average a C-, according to Yahoo. Roger Ebert was even crueler, saying the film shows a contempt for the audience. And he likes everything!