Topics and Guests for September 3

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Thanks to another 144,000 jobs added in August, the White House is crowing about the creation of 1.7 million new jobs in less than a year.

Is the president’s record on employment (search) something to be proud of? White House Communications Director Dan Bartlett and Mickey Kantor, former commerce secretary and Kerry economic adviser, join the debate.

Former President Bill Clinton checked into a Manhattan hospital Friday with chest pains and will soon undergo bypass surgery. We’ll get an update on his condition from FOX News’ Todd Connor.

Hurricane Frances (search) barrels toward Florida and causes the state's largest evacuation in history. How is the state preparing for its second major storm in less than a month? We’ll get an update from FOX News’ Adam Housley.

Plus, we’ll hear from Sean Iglehart, resident of Ocean Ridge, Florida who has no plans to run from the storm.

Do reminders of terror abroad drive home the president's point the world is still a dangerous place? We’ll ask Bob Beckel, Democratic strategist, and Cheri Jacobus, Republican strategist.

And, we’ll take the market’s temperature with Gary B. Smith, columnist for; Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors, and Tom Adkins of Remax Services.

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