Johansson Fends Off Reporter's Advance

"Lost in Translation" star Scarlett Johansson (search) came to the Venice Film Festival to promote her latest picture, but found herself fending off romantic advances.

During a packed press conference for her film "A Love Song for Bobby Long" (search), the 19-year-old was ambushed by an unusual question from a young journalist from Chile.

"This is kind of a confession: I can't sleep at night thinking about you. Sorry, I have to tell you. I'm a journalist but I'm an actor, too," the Casanova said Thursday. "Please, could you choose one of your favorites (movies) to make with me. Come on, Scarlett, please."

"Oh God. ... Um. 'Single White Female,' maybe," Johansson quipped, referring to the 1992 film about a woman whose roommate becomes dangerously obsessed with her.

"I've never seen it," the reporter said. "What is it about? It is a love one?"

"Of sorts," Johansson replied.

This same journalist has made unusual comments at other press conferences, suggesting Steven Spielberg (search) make a sequel to "Saving Private Ryan" called "Saving Private Bush" but "at the end of the film no one saves him." And he advised Denzel Washington to run for president. Neither star responded to his remarks.