'Nip/Tuck' Cut From Oregon Jail

"Nip/Tuck," (search) which had won fans among inmates for its surgical gore and sexual innuendo, has been pulled from the airwaves at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution (search).

"We decided it was all too much," Doug Harder, a spokesman for the medium-security prison in Pendleton, told The Oregonian recently. "Way too graphic."

During one episode of the FX show — which chronicles the racy escapades of two Miami plastic surgeons — inmates gathered in a TV room kept "eyeballing," whistling and shouting catcalls to a female corrections officer, Harder said.

The officer filed a complaint with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, and the prison banned the show, Harder said.

Holly Ollis, a spokeswoman for "Nip/Tuck" producer Warner Bros. Television, said she was unaware of another prison in the country that had blacklisted the series.

"It's an unusual show, and I've heard a lot of unusual things," Ollis said. "But this is certainly a new one for me."

It's been about three years since the Eastern Oregon prison pulled a show from its TV schedule. That was a professional wrestling show called "WWF: Wild One." (search