Look Who's Talking

You've probably heard the Democrats complaining that Democrat Zell Miller (search) spewed hate against John Kerry (search).

Over and over I've heard Miller's attack on Kerry — which was harsh and effective — described as vicious and outrageous. One Democrat even said, “the old man is scaring the children.”

Well, then I picked up The New York Times Friday and read columnist Frank Rich (search). His opening line goes like this:

“Only in an election year ruled by fiction could a sissy, who used daddy's connections to escape Vietnam, turn an actual war hero into a girlie-man."

President Bush is a sissy?

This is from Frank Rich at The New York Yimes, which is the house organ of the so-called progressives in this country — the Democrats who think Kerry would be OK as a president but they'd like him to not be quite so conservative.

Once again, Senator Miller went over John Kerry's Senate voting record and attacked him for voting against defense spending and cuts in intelligence. OK, Miller was harsh. He was angry. But what do you expect from a Democrat appearing at a Republican convention to renounce his party's nominee? If he isn't angry, he's got no business being there.

But the Dems called that vicious and Friday we have The New York Times calling President Bush a sissy?

Rich pooh-poohed Kerry for making mistakes that have given Bush an advantage — the latest Time poll shows Bush with a double-digit lead over Kerry.

But he goes on to say about the president and I quote, "Anyone is more manly than a president who didn't have the guts to visit with the 9/11 Commission unaccompanied by a chaperone."

Frank Rich isn't even a senator. He's just a theater reviewer who's been turned loose on the rest of the world The New York Times covers: politics, the works. Yet he calls the president a sissy and somehow it's Zell Miller who is vicious?

This campaign is going to get very ugly and we've only just begun.

That's My Word.

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