The Foxlight: Weekend Movies

"Vanity Fair," "Paparazzi," "The Cookout" and "Wicker Park" are new in theaters in today's Foxlight.

Reese Witherspoon's Becky Sharp isn't all that well-sharpened, according to critics who say "Vanity Fair" (search) is just fair. "Menace to high society" according to The Wall Street Journal. "What's the point of Becky without the sharp edges?" they ask. Hey, it got her on the cover of the magazine with the same name.

Next, critics weren't shown a copy of "Paparazzi," (search) which is usually a sign that quality was job two. But every movie star in Hollywood will probably sneak into this one just to see a pushy photographer -- Tom Siezmore -- get his from a star played by Cole Hauser. Heck, a few of Siezmore's old girlfriends will probably enjoy seeing him getting kicked around, too.

Another one the critics didn't get to roast over the coals is"The Cookout." (search) Based on an "idea" by Queen Latifah, this is about a basketball star and a big family get-together. Farrah Fawcett walks through looking for her career and Danny Glover, Tim Meadows and Ja Rule round out a very eclectic cast.

Finally, when will we send Josh Hartnett back to acting school? Critics call him wooden -- and those are the good notices -- in a dopey thriller called "Wicker Park." (search) It's named after a Chicago neighborhood, but it doesn't take a windy city to blow giant plot holes through this one.