Frances, Here I Come!

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Sept. 2, 2004 10:56 a.m.

The news business is extremely unpredictable, which is probably why I love it so much.  You never really know what you’ll be doing from day to day, and even when you THINK you know, it can change in the wink of an eye, or with the eye of an approaching storm.

That’s why I’m leaving Madison Square Garden this afternoon, BEFORE the President’s acceptance speech, packing a bag, jumping on a plane, and flying to South Florida to cover the arrival and impact of what could be one of the most devastating hurricanes to hit the U.S. in a very long time.

I was really looking forward to hearing President Bush’s remarks, live and in person, and being able to talk about them during thirty or forty live shots Friday morning and afternoon. After all, I heard John Kerry’s speech firsthand and wanted to be able to compare the experiences. But duty calls. Frances is a big, bad Category 4, which just might strengthen. Of course, there’s always hope she’ll take a turn to the north, away from land, sparing us all the pain, suffering, and damages. But we need to be ready, in case she stays on her present course.

I’m flying down with a producer and engineer.  The cameraman is en route from Atlanta.  We have other crews already in place or on the way to Miami, Central Florida, and other locations where Frances might come ashore.  My role, at this point, will be to handle afternoon and evening live shots for the channel.  The hurricane may slam us Friday night, and if she does, we could be in for a real endurance test...


Sorry you are going to miss the President's speech.  Stay safe in Florida!!!  I'll be watching as always.  — Julie

We want to see you more!!!!!!  You crack me up and you’re not bad to look at either!!!

Rick, glad to see you with your own "blog." Will look forward to keeping up with you more frequently. During your time as an "embedded" reporter, got used to relying on your reports and have missed you since. Good luck.

— J A (Cottonwood, AZ)

I became a big fan of yours when you tagged along with the Marines to Baghdad.  Could not believe what you reporters did to get the story for us. And......I will never forget the discussion you and Shep had about cats and the sand!!!!!!!!  I still laugh!

I have been thoroughly enjoying your reports from the RNC.  Unfortunately, I'm at work while you're reporting so I catch up with you on  Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next assignment!!



So many things I want to tell you.  How wonderful your reporting was on the road to Baghdad; how terrific a reporter you are; how worried I was about you when you weren't on any news broadcasts from Iraq for a few days; how I prayed for you and the unit you were with to be safe.  But I don't want to embarrass you with any of that.  I'll just tell you that you look so very much of my nephew, Andy, whom I love like a little brother.  Every time I see you, I think of him.

Your friend,

I enjoy your blog and look foward to reading what your experiences are throughout the convention..You should do this in your future travels with FOX as you convey the "goings on" in short and with a dash of wit...Just what you need, more work...
Keep up the good job!
— Maria (Hackensack, NJ)

Tricky Ricky,

You had commented  that it was a sweatbox in Boston and freezing in NY. You pretty much summed it up in your own words. The Democrats are a bunch of "hotheads" and the Republicans are a bunch of "cool" cats.
Missed you on "Studio B" today. Shep had Jane on instead. You know why, don't you? She's prettier than you are.
— Jennifer from Mo.

I came to know you from your coverage in the war. I came to feel that you were a good friend. Prayed for you each day and glad that you made it home safe. I hope you will have great success at Fox News. I really enjoy your reporting.

—  Sidney (Dallas)

Love your work BTW.  I met Bo at a Dole rally a few years back.  In short, she is phenomenal.  Make sure you do.  Good luck.

— Todd

Rick: You never fail to interest and entertain me. You are truly the finest reporter in the nation. I loved watching you during the War with the Marines and I love reading your blog about the convention. Stay the course.

— Stephanie


Hello fellow rambler. I myself can relate since I too am known to ramble. Well looking forward to seeing you reporting throughout the week at the RNC on "Studio B" with your buddy Shep.

— Jennifer


My wife and I want to thank you for your magnificent reporting on the road to Bagdad. You are a great example of a warrior and newsman!  Keep safe!!  Two fans.