Dems, GOP Split on Favorite TV

Political humor does come in two varieties: Republican and Democratic.

Want proof?

A new study says Bush supporters prefer “Everybody Loves Raymond” (search) and Kerry people tune in to “Will & Grace.” (search) Results of the survey by the media planning firm Initiative could end up being used to decide where political campaign ads will be placed.

The survey quizzed Democrats, Republicans and undecided voters on what their favorite shows were. And the choice, as the candidates say, is clear.

“Certainly [this kind of information] is important for the politicos,” says Initiative’s Stacey Lynn Koerner. “It’s important for them to understand where they can best reach undecided voters since they’re such a critical group.”

For instance, those highly sought-after undecided voters are fans of Damon Wayans’ “My Wife and Kids.” The undecideds also favor “CSI: Miami” (search) as their favorite drama and “Fear Factor” as their reality show of choice.

Along with “Will & Grace,” Kerry voters tended to like “Judging Amy” and “Extreme Makeover.”

Republicans prefer “JAG” for drama and “The Amazing Race” in reality.

The shows favored by the uncommitted voters tend to be ones that attract younger audiences. Koerner says “I think with the undecideds, there’s probably a large portion of them that are younger, who have not developed party loyalties necessarily or are still trying to decide what they want.

“There also seems to be a large portion of minority audiences that may be in this undecided group, as well,” says Koerner.

Initiative officials said the study was based on a survey of 1,000 consumers in mid-July.

The study also sought to find which political issues were important to the viewers of given shows. For example, undecided voters who worry about national security prefer “Everybody Loves Raymond,” the study says. Republicans concerned with family values like “Joan of Arcadia” while Democrats concerned about health prefer “Monk.”