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Behind Bars:
The Arrest of Abu Hamza al-Masri
May 27, 2004
Arrested in London, Al Qaeda's "Captain Hook" faces an 11-count indictment. Terror expert Evan Kohlmann offers up this terrorist's chilling background.
Iran Behind Iraq Unrest   
April 9, 2004
"For months, Iran has been building a secret underground network of military and intelligence cells that has put it in a position not only to challenge the U.S. and others, but also to gradually gain control the reigns of power after the June 30th handover."
Iraqis Must Have a Stake In This Fight   
April 7, 2004
“The fighting in and around the Sunni Triangle and elsewhere doesn’t mean our efforts in Iraq are doomed for failure.”
The Rise of Political Terrorism, Al Qaeda Style  
March 16, 2004
"The incoming Spanish prime minister has already handed these mutant terrorists their payment for services rendered by stating he will pull out Spanish troops from Iraq."
Eye on the Troop Swap Feb. 23, 2004
Col. Cowan looks at the challenges new soldiers will face as they head to Iraq in what has been described as the largest rotation of American forces in history.
Iran's New Nuke Findings Feb. 20, 2004
To confront Tehran’s nuclear threat, a two-fold approach is needed, according to FNC contributor Alireza Jafarzadeh.
Pakistan's Pardon Feb. 10, 2004
Mansoor Ijaz says the free world ought to think long and hard about how it chooses to respond to nuclear non-proliferation violators.
Ricin: A Brief History Feb. 06, 2004
Evan Kohlmann says less developed fanatic groups can gain relatively easy access to bioweapons such as ricin.
Lessons from Vietnam Jan. 26, 2004
FNC contributor Col. Cowan takes a look at two very different schools of thought when it comes to defeating Iraqi guerrillas, and urges military leaders to apply history's lessons.
A New Era For Intelligence Gathering Jan. 06, 2004
Intelligence work has changed from pinpointing the enemy on the front lines to picking a single face out of a crowd. FOX News military analyst Col. Cowan briefs FOX Fans.
Does Iran Have the Iraqi Governing Council in its Pocket? Dec. 31, 2003
An Iranian dissident group has just a few hours before it is required to abandon its base in Iraq. In a FOX Fan Exclusive, Alireza Jafarzadeh says the move panders to Iran's interests.
Al Qaeda "Not Fazed" Dec. 24, 2003
Evan Kohlmann says terrorists will seek to capitalize on the power vacuum left by Saddam Hussein's capture.
"Dealing" With Tehran Dec. 17, 2003
Joseph Cirincione warns Iran could set off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East that would make the Cold War look like a picnic.
Iraqi Door Busters Dec. 8, 2003
Colonel Bill Cowan proposes a new paramilitary force.
Our Best Defense Dec. 3, 2003
More troops and better intelligence? Major Bob Bevelacqua has a surprising alternative.
"Iran Controls Iraq!" Dec. 2, 2003
No one wants to say it, but we are at war with Iran, according to our latest forum contributor.
It's Catch-Up Time November 24, 2003
How to protect our troops from terror attacks in Iraq? Give governmental responsibility back to the Iraqis. FNC military analyst Lt. Col. Bill Cowan weighs the good and bad in this strategy.
Bin Laden in Iran? November 21, 2003
In a FOX Fan Exclusive, we caught up with Foreign Affairs Analyst Mansoor Ijaz to learn more about his shocking announcement on FNC that he believes bin Laden is being sheltered in Iran.
Times Have Changed November 14, 2003
"The clerical-led Iran would not hesitate to use any means at its disposal to undermine challenges to its survival."  
Not So Fast! November 10, 2003
"The ultimate goal of the clerical order in Iran and Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria is survival — not a kamikaze mission."
Iran is a Threat November 6, 2003
"When states realize they are effectively being contained...they have no choice but to turn to terrorist organizations to do their dirty work."
On Exporting Terror... November 5, 2003
"No country is likely to provide WMD to Iraqi-based terrorists...they don't want to suffer the consequences." 
Winning Hearts and Minds November 3, 2003
"Mujahideen fighters only abandon a combat zone when exasperated native residents finally force them out."
"We are an elephant fighting sharks" 
October 31, 2003
FNC's Col. Hunt rips into the bureaucracy weighing us down.
Foreign Fighters October 28, 2003
"The Iranians have established supply routes into Iraq using al-Qaeda cells in the north and Shiite sympathizers in the south."