Steve Harrigan Reporting

You turned up the volume on your T.V., and couldn't take your eyes off these reports when they first aired. Now, here by popular demand is the Steve Harrigan video archive. E-mail us  your suggestions for additions and keep checking back. We'll be adding more of his dispatches as we get them.

"Tasered" in Miami 
Freshly back from Iraq, Harrigan volunteers to endure 50,000 volts in a report on the use of tasers by Miami police.
Steve and cameraman Joel Fagan had more close calls then they can count.
Karbala, Iraq  May 13, 2004
The rebels use holy sites for cover as they launch their attacks.
Firefight Fury  May 12, 2004
Live from inside a firing Bradley fighting vehicle in the middle of a night raid.
Mosque Wild Card  May 11, 2004
U.S. troops work to crush the al-Sadr militia while taking care not to demolish a local mosque the terrorists use to their advantage.
Downtown Fighting  May 7, 2004
Watch video of the 1st Armored Division conducting street-to-street fighting in the city of Karbala.
Nighttime Raid  May 6, 2004
Troops take the fight inside an amusement park where the terrorists shoot from, then hide.
Bunker No More  May 5, 2004
U.S. tanks blast a bunker, then go in to get the terrorists out.