"JFK: Case Not Closed" Related Websites

The following is a list of some of the websites used during the research of the FOX News Channel special JFK: Case Not Closed. 


Exponent — See the 1992 American Bar Association's mock trial presentation: "The United States v. Lee Harvey Oswald."

JFK Lancer: John F. Kennedy Assassination Information — includes an audio section with an interview with Lee Harvey Oswald as well as extensive information on the medical evidence.

The Kennedy Assassination By John McAdams — Dedicated to debunking the mass of misinformation and disinformation surrounding the murder of JFK.

     •Listing of Warren Commission Exhibits:
     A complete listing with photographs of some evidence.
     •The Single Bullet Theory:
      Analysis with video, photos, and sketches.
     •Bogus Evidence:
      An accounting of evidence “faked” by conspiracy theorists.
     •A Conspiracy?:
      A selective list of sites, emphasizing those with the strongest resources.

History Matters — Devoted to the study of the assassination of President Kennedy, offering materials of interest to both newcomers and scholars.

The John F. Kennedy Assassination Homepage — A resource page with various links to related sites.

Physical Evidence Of Conspiracy In The JFK Assassination by Michael T. Griffith — A review of the physical evidence of conspiracy in the JFK assassination.

ClintBradford.com — A source for JFK assassination research material.

Virtual Visitor — Visit Dealey Plaza, the site of the JFK assassination, with this virtual tour.

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