FOX Fan Central Goes to the RNC

FOX Fan Central took a trip to the Republican Nation Convention to get a look at the inner workings. Here's what we discovered:

• The security personnel are from all over the world. We met people from three different countries on our way in. New York City hired the world's best to keep everyone safe.

• If you want to get anywhere near where you have to be, leave early. It takes a lot of time just to figure out where you can get in, never mind actually getting in!

• No umbrellas are allowed inside the convention, which caused a big backup at security. It rained in NYC Tuesday morning so practically everyone had one. There was a HUGE pile of abandoned umbrellas at the entrance, and this FOX Fan staffer never saw her umbrella again.

• Certain fruit is another no-no, especially apples.

• FOX News Channel's workspace is in the basement of the Farley Post Office building (which is across 8th Avenue from Madison Square Garden). It's cold and dark, but FNC made the best of it. Lots of computer workstations, TV monitors, makeshift offices for the talent, and a catering area with lots of yummy food and drink.

• To get from the workspace to MSG you must go through ANOTHER security checkpoint and across a pedestrian bridge built especially for the convention. It's lined with a red carpet.

• You literally need a map to find your way around. There are many staircases and escalators. It is very easy to get lost, as we discovered more than once.

• A special area was created for all the radio stations, called Radio Row. We watched Sean Hannity broadcasting his show live. Right around the bend is a place called the Blogging Corner where bloggers from all over can set up and write to their heart's content.

• The close quarters in the broadcast area create an unusual atmosphere — you may find yourself standing next to Senator Trent Lott, or walking right by White House Chief of Staff Andy Card (as we did).

• There is an energy on the convention floor, even during the times when delegates are not present. There seems to always be furious activity; people setting up signs, rehearsing speeches with the big teleprompter, Secret Service buzzing around, and volunteers placing the night's agenda on delegates' chairs.

• Getting out is just about as difficult as getting in. You actually have to show credentials to leave the area.